Back in 2012, as the DreadBall Kickstarter campaign was coming to a close, we put up a new stretch goal: Blaine, the Convict MVP! Although we didn’t quite lock him in by the end, we decided to throw him in anyway, giving him as a free upgrade to all pledges at the Jack and Striker level.

We’ve since included him in Deadzone and Mars Attacks, but we’ve never gone into much detail about this enigmatic criminal’s backstory or rules. In fact, loads of DreadBall backers didn’t even realise they’d unlocked him until he arrived on their doorstep!

Well, that’s all about to change. With Xtreme just around the corner (in which Blaine may well be playing a large part…), we’ve decided to put together rules for using him as an MVP in games of DreadBall! These were made available through Mantic Digital a short while ago, but now they’re up as a free download on the Mantic website!


In one of the most audacious moves of his criminal career, Blaine appeared in front of countless witnesses at the Co-Prosperity Park Arena just as the much-vaunted top billing of SlamBall VIII was about to start. As the Smackers entered the arena, he stepped out with them. The crowd was shocked into silence, and the arena controllers spent several tense minutes debating what to do. They could send in a security team, have him arrested, and get on with the match as scheduled; or they could wait and see what happened…

You can download Blaine’s rules and background here. He’s great for adding some serious punch to a team, with his Illegal Modifications ability (thanks to his sharpened DreadBall glove) giving him a really nasty +2 bonus on Slam checks! Although using the ability counts as a Foul if the target is killed, it’s more than worth it to really put the hurt on an opposing player, especially in league matches.

In all his incarnations so far, Blaine has been a Kickstarter Exclusive, so you probably won’t have got your hands on him if you haven’t backed one of our campaigns. However, with DreadBall Xtreme just around the corner, you’ll very soon have a chance to get involved with one! Keep watching this space for further details…

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