We have been quieter than usual (well by Mantic standards) for the past month or so as we have been without our Community Manager. How we interact with our fans, supporters, customers and friends at Mantic is of the upmost importance – it is right up there alongside making fun games that are great value for money.

So in classic Mantic style we have gone from 1 community manager – to 3!!!

TorRonnie’s plan to take over the world kicks up a notch with 3 new Community Managers.

We have carved up the job allowing each person to focus on a particular angle of looking after the people who support Mantic.

Starting today we have Chris, Kai and Pat joining the team.

Pat is our community Manager for the USA. We have some great people helping us out in the USA (who all want to help us more) and many more that want to join and help Mantic become more widely known stateside. Pat will be co-ordinating all the US and Canadian activity, making sure our pathfinders are able to support the growth of the hobby and pull together our presence at the big shows, alongside the sales team.

Please get in touch with Pat – his email is communitypat@manticgames.com and he will be happy to help your event, share hobby activity in the US, and tell you more about the pathfinder programme.

Deluxe Mat Action Shot

Back in the UK we have Kai and Chris.

Kai will be all things online, with responsibility for making sure our message gets out in a clear and helpful fashion. Also it will be her job to take in feedback so Mantic can keep up a two way dialogue. We want to know what you think so we can change things and make you products that you desire and love. Kai will be making her presence felt on Facebook, the forum and the blog and all those other social media platform that are far too complicated for an old man like me to possibly understand.

If you want to drop Kai a line she can be found here – kai@manticgames.com – or on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and oh so many other places.

Sarah will continue in the arduous and thankless task of dealing with the inbox and customers service. While we always try to send out every order perfectly sometime we fall short. Sarah reads and replies to every email we receive (or sends it on to the appropriate person) and if you need an answer or have a query about an order you can contact her via the contact form on the website here (NOT the missing items form, the contact form at the bottom of the page) – and please use this address, we are finding it impossible to check all the different places people can post messages. We do go and check them all as often as we can, but this address will get you the quickest response.

Chris Nicholls will be coordinating all our organised play and events. This obviously covers the open days (17th May – see you there?), shows and pathfinder supported events. It also means working with the clubs network and organisational bodies – such as NAF and the ETC to make sure people can learn about Mantic and come on board. He is also responsible for setting up the DGB and getting DreadBall as the organised play game of choice.

You can get in touch with EventsChris@manticgames.com by sending him an email too.

It wasn't a particularly warm morning in Bulwell, but tea and bacon sarnies from Sal's Snacks kept people cosy while they waited for the doors to open!

Chris’ first job will be to make sure we get queues like this at the Mantic Open Day!

I hope the team will really look after you. Our aim is to make engaging with Mantic – both the products and the company – a pleasure. Whatever your experience please let us know about it – so if we fall short we can put it right –and if we have delighted you we can keep doing it.

Thanks for reading. I am sure you will welcome the new faces into the Mantic family – and I am sure you’ll keep them plenty busy 😉

Best wishes


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