Mars Attacks is set in a specific district of Greenville, and the map we provided in box is premium paper. And many people have asked if there was any possibility of us creating rubber mats, such as the ones available in Deadzone.  We know how much our Deadzone players love them, so we’ve created some for Mars Attacks, and designed them to fit in with what you have in the box perfectly.


And we’ve created not one but two mats – one identical to the paper playing surface in the box, and one straight street layout.  Each is designed to be durable, attractive and to live up to the rigours of play and permanent use as scenery (for Mars Attacks and beyond).

More layouts, more possibilities

With not one, but two road configurations, you can set up your scenery differently, design a larger play area or create your own scenarios.  One t-junction design and the other a straight road gives you an opportunity to create areas you’d like, yet is designed to be no crease and no slip, yet easy to store.

Each, like our Deadzone mats are designed to create a more durable surface to play on, or extend your play area. Combined with the scenery in box (or even with our Battlezones) it gives a truly urban landscape with realistic roads for vehicles to travel down, block off, or defend….or overtake, annihilate and destroy!

What do you think?  Can you see them in your own Mars Attacks games or beyond?  Where else would you use them?

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