At the weekend we started to share our thoughts about the vision for DreadBall and over the next few days, weeks and months we will deliver on our promises.

What seems to be happening is that the excitement this game is creating is generating funding support for future releases – it looks like with a bit of a push and more supporters we could fund the first 3 or 4 Seasons!

With this in mind we’ve been looking for a way to properly thank our backers on this project, a nice simple method that can roll through the whole campaign. We want something that offers a great reward to those who are taking a risk on us, and will only ever be available during this one off event. So…

More Free Figures!

Everytime we hit a goal that allows us to create a new team we will:

– Add one free figure to Jack!

– Add two free figures to Striker!

With the optimal starting number for your team being around 10 figures (6 on the pitch and 4 on the bench will start you off very nicely!), we wanted to make fleshing out the rest of your teams a bit easier… so we’ve only gone and done the unthinkable!

Buy a team and get one free!

Add any Season 2 Team (starting with the Female Corporation) to Striker! for $25 and we’ll give you any other Season 2 Team absolutely free. If we get past Season 2 and onto Ultimate DreadBall or DreadBall X-treme, we’ll keep the deal rolling.

There are a few things to bear in mind:

– Offer only applies when you add a Season 2 Team to Striker! or above because of the postage involved (and we don’t want to charge more for something as dull as shipping!)

– You can choose from any combination of Season 2 teams (it can be two Female Corporation Teams or One Judwan Team and One Z’zor team for example)

– This offer does not apply to the “Season 1” teams – Skittersneak Stealers, Midgard Delvers, Greenmoon Smackers or the Trontek 29ers.

All of the teams will remain available individually at the special Kickstarter rate of $20. Check out our FAQ at the bottom of the front page for more details on how to add an Extra to your pledge.

Currently we’ve got one Season 2 team available (Female Corporation) and as Jake states, we’ve got a total of four planned for this expansion…with this being the next one!

$235,000 – The Judwan, Season 2 Team

Judwan – Alien Concept Art

The alien Judwan are unique in that they’re probably going to be a team of Strikers – and they don’t require a DreadBall Glove to catch the ball (well, this is the current thinking anyway, depends on the playtests!) If we pass this goal we will:

– add One Judwan Figure to Jack!

– add Two Judwan Figures to Striker!

– Make the Team available as a Buy One Get One Free!

Drive us on to great heights and get all 12 teams backed and available!

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