We’re turning the heat up with the LOKA Kickstarter by giving you more free stuff.
Our current goals is that when we hit $50,000 we will tool the Earth Chess.

In addition, we’ll also add in an extra Fire King and Earth King to Rook and up and:

– At Rook ($25): we’ll add 4 additional Pawns from one faction of your choice, raising the model count to 21!

– At Bishop ($50): we’ll add 4 additional Pawns from one faction of your choice, raising the total model count to 40 for passing this level!

– At Knight ($100): we’ll add in 8 additional models from one faction of your choice! 1 Queen, 1 Rook, 1 Knight, 1 Bishop and 4 Pawns, raising the total model count to an incredible 78 figures for passing this level!

With the Army Selection Rules that now feature in LOKA you’ll have extra pieces to configure your army of choice with!

We’ve also put up a number of nice little extras that you can add on to your pledge:

The LOKA T-shirt is made of Polyster (like our DreadBall T-Shirts and Football Jerseys!) and is available in Small, Medium, Large, X-Large, XXL and XXXL

These upgrade packs are great if you want to expand your additional chess sets. Note that if we were to do the models as singles the Bishop, Rook and Knight would retail for $3.50 each whilst the King, Queen and a set of 4 Pawns would be $5 each!

This Chess Clocks works with up to 4 Players (particularly handy if LOKA gets multiplayer rules hint hint!) but can also be used for 2 Players. Each of the colours relates to one of the elements too – handy!

In addition, don’t forget we have:

Model Previews
We’ve been asking you over the weekend: which Chess Set do you want to see next? Well, we want you to let us know in the comments and, to help out, here’s a couple of previews from the Ice and Air Sets!

Ice King

Air Queen

And finally…
In order to build momentum we need more people to hear about LOKA and one of the best ways of doing this is by becoming a Fan on Board Game Geek, as this will push us up the Hotness list. Please head on over and become a fan – and watch for the competition that starts next week!

PS: Some of you have been asking us at what levels the Air and Ice team will be coming at… all we can say is stick around and stay tuned, we’ve been talking to our tool makers all weekend, and we will be able to tell you very soon!!

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