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Mantic is happy to announce a new partnership with Frontline Gaming!

Frontline Gaming is a fantastic supplier of miniatures, gaming accessories and painting services.  They also host two of the larger Warhammer 40K tournaments across the United States, the Las Vegas Open and the Bay Area Open. You will also know them for their great F.A.T Mat products!

Mantic and Frontline are now working together to help spread the word of the Mantic products and services. Our unique Battlezone terrain line is now available from Frontline Gaming and will be used in their live streams, tournaments and battle reports. Also keep an eye out for some great video coverage of what exactly you can do with the Battlezone terrain in terms of painting and modeling.

Recently our own Pat “Chopper” Lewis, the North American Community Manager, joined the Frontline Gaming Podcast #350, conversation starts at 1:00:00.

We are very happy to be partnering with Reece and the Frontline Gaming crew, and look forward to some big things moving forward!

So go check our Frontline Gaming at and get your hands on some of the great Battlezone Terrain line and listen in to the great chat that Pat Lewis had on their Podcast.

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