As we dive into a new year all us hobbyists get that overwhelming desire to set ourselves an oath! If you are new to the hobby this may be your first oath, if you are a long standing veteran then you may have a large back catalogue of successful (and unsuccessful) oaths! These can be anywhere from a monthly painting oath to a 12 month mega oath!

So with a fresh 12 months ahead of us, let’s have a look at some of the great things people have already done with Mantic products to help inspire your own oath this year.


First off we have Richard Heath and his DreadBall Xtreme miniatures. A lot of people will have had the pleasures of Xtreme for Christmas thanks to Kickstarter. You couldn’t ask for anything more oath worthy than having a brand new boxed game to get painted up! Richard has already managed to paint up his entire boxed game so there is a challenge for you right there. Head over to his blog to see more pictures!


Next up we have this incredible DreadBall stadium built by Uther VonZiemer. This is truly a masterpiece. When the conventional DreadBall pitch just wasn’t enough for Uther, he used foam board, hot glue, wooden stir sticks and a lot of imagination to create a pitch fit for the gods! The stadium has 130 lumen lights to illuminate the pitch and stands as well as a fully functioning Jumbotron!


Finally we have an oath that is a little bit different. How many times have you thought about entering a tournament but backed out for whatever reason. Why not make 2015 the year that you win your first tournament? Get your best army list or team out on the field and crush your opponents! Even if you don’t, who cares? Tournaments are great fun and a fantastic atmosphere. You get to spend a whole day or weekend surrounded by likeminded hobbyists who just want to talk and play games.

Why not sign up for Black Dragon Miniatures 1000 point Kings of War tournament here!

Make sure to head over to the Mantic website to see all the products available to get 2015 off to a hobby filled start!
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