Mantic are travelling across to Montreux next week and will be exhibiting at the World Expo. As well as bringing with us a load of cool deals and as much of the range as we can possibly squeeze into the van (we might even have some resin Forge Fathers, Twilight Kin sneak peaks and a preview of the new Kings of War rules…) we’re also travelling with a few member of the Warhammer 40K ETC team, including our own Josh Roberts.

The European Team Championships is also being held in Montreux over the weekend of the World Expo, and a couple of armies containing Mantic models have been brought to our attention, including Dave Fraser’s excellent Warhammer Fantasy Battle Tomb King army, which makes use of a pair of Mantic Undead Balefire Catapults. Check it out:

ETCTombKingsDave Fraser’s ETC army – all it needs now is some Mantic skeletons!

Check out our events diary for the details on the Montreux show (Mantic are also at Total Wargamer in Evesham the same weekend!). We love seeing what people are doing with our miniatures, so please keep sending us pictures!

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