Following on our Mantic Journal them this week ahead of the release of Journal 5 and the ability to download the Journal digitally from Wargame Vault, we take a look at Journal 2: Garrek’s Doom.


Now it was this Journal that first showcased the Dwarfs, their background and the sets that we produce for the Kings of War Dwarf range. The magazine also included a new scenario for Kings of War, as well as rules for using the 2 protagonists – that is Garrek Heavy Hand and Voitolius the Wriath. There’s also a Army Painter article on painting Skeletons, a look at Studio McVey and Hasslefree miniatures, making this a really hobbyists magazine – gorgeous models, lots of hobby and background to get your teeth into and all strapped together in one pocket-sized booklet.

Okay, I’m sold. I love the small format; love the painting guide; love the scenario; love the glimpses – tantalising glimpses – of background. We all know (and love) the market leader in fantasy/ sci-fi wargaming and their magazine but I think that organ has devolved into an aspirational coffee table affair beyond the means – both in terms of finace and ability – of all but the most gifted (or affluent). Mantic offer a different approach; one that reflects the historical wargaming community where there are less monopolies (sp?) on miniatures and rulesets and the possibility of creating an impressive, fully painted army of ‘little men’ is actually conceivable. This second issue of the journal cements this philosophy by suggesting how to stretch the contents of the new Dwarf boxed set to maximise unit strength and offering a painting guide that even I could follow (one that doesn’t involve the aquisition of two dozen paint pots and three decades of professional experience). The most refreshing aspect of the magazine is the inclusion of external advertising. Somehing the ‘Market Leader’ abandoned many years ago to its detriment. By showing what else is available, Mantic is perpetuating a community, not a stifling conglomorate. I look forward with anticipation to receiving my Undead Battleset and will definately be pre-ordering the Mhorgoth’s Revenge Kings of War set.

Remember that you can still pick up the second Journal up here.

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