Well, it does if you are lucky enough to live in Newcastle, Australia!!!

One of our big fans Kent Fury (we are fairly sure that is not his real name, but it is really cool so we go along with it!) has set up a Kiosk on Level 2 (near Myer) in the Charlestown Shopping Centre – and it is dedicated to Mantic Games!

Every day he will be running intro games and painting demos, and teaching people how to participate in our fantastic hobby. The stand looks amazing (and we need to get him a few Mantic stickers to added that last bit of wow) and he is a really nice guy.

Here is what he had to say…

James Pheils, creator of  hobbyhub.co has joined forces with Mantic Games to create a revolution in hobby retail with the first ever interactive mobile hobby shop, says “Its everything you would expect from a hobby store, great advice, gaming, painting tables and the full range of Mantic Games with live Demos!” He adds ” so far its all been received very positively and the added bonus of being mobile enables us to reach audiences who have never before seen what gaming is all about”.

So, if you are anywhere close, please get on over there and have a chat with him (just don’t ask how his Undead did in the recent Tournament he entered!) and let him run you through a demo of the new Warpath.

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