Over the past week it seems like we have had a lot of community action going on – so let’s take a look at what has been going on in the world of Mantic!


The Kings of War 2 beta army lists have been updated! For those of you that don’t know, the Kings of War 2 rules committee have posted their current version of the beta rules up on the Mantic Madness and Kings of War Fanatics Facebook pages. There has been a lot of play testing going on all over the country and people are really sinking their teeth into the new rules. If you are a Kings of War fan, or are thinking of getting into Kings of War this is a great place to check out the new army lists and give things a play test before you sink your cold hard cash into a new army! The rules committee are working tirelessly to bring you some brilliantly balanced armies for 2nd edition so make sure you give things a play test and help shape the future of King of War.


While on the subject of Kings of War, Sean ‘Spud’ Tate has put together an update on how his Abyssal Dwarf army is coming together. Keep an eye on his Youtube channel as he will be putting together some great content on the development of his Kings of War army from grey plastic to tabletop!


Can we all take a moment to enjoy this beautifully painted Strider by Andrew Scott of Cleric Miniature Studios. The canopy looks amazing and I’m looking forward to seeing what he does with Mantic products in the future.


Feel like making your Enforcers look a little different from the rest of the pack? Well that’s exactly what James Flowers did! Using Enforcer body, head and legs, Anvil Industries arms and gun and Tau shoulder pads, he has kit bashed a rather awesome looking Enforcer.


Andrew Naisbitt has painted up an awesome Mars Attack Giant Robot. Not only is this model painted to a brilliant standard, but if you look closely you can see that the canopy is lit up blue with led’s. Im really liking these led additions to the Mars Attacks Giant Robot and I think they really stand out on the tabletop.


Do you love Mars Attacks? Do you love stat cards? Well why not head across to Boardgamegeek and download the printable stat cards to make life even easier while playing Mars Attacks!

As you can see we have had all sorts going off in the world of Mantic recently. With the recent success of the Deadzone Infestation Kickstarter people are really getting excited about the world of Deadzone and with the Kings of War 2 beta rules and the current Clash of Kings regionals, our mass battle fantasy tabletop game is growing by the second. Not to mention the DreadBall regionals been ran all over the country by our Pathfinders!

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