With all the excitement the current Deadzone Infestation Kickstater has created, people have been going Deadzone crazy! So here’s a round up of everything that’s been going off in the world of Deadzone.


Christian Schlumpberger has started ‘Project Gunslinger’. Using green stuff to repose his Enforcer Street Agents! I don’t know about you guys, but this is some serious hobby-fu and these guys look amazing. Why not treat yourself to some hard plastic Enforcers and see what converions you can come up with!

We’ve just had Adepticon smash us in the face with all its glory and what better way for Mantic to show off our games than to have a Deadzone tournament! Check out this video of the final in a Forge Fathers vs Plague fight for the title of Adepticon champion!


Check out this amazingly well painted Plague Stage 1 by Toulous Miniatures. He went for a more bestial, aggressive feel, using an animal horn for inspiration, which I think has been captured really well. Head over to Containment Protocol – DZ Fanatics to see more pictures!


Geoff Burbidge has painted up one incredibly loud and proud Strider. I couldn’t resist singing “Robot in pink” to the tune of “lady in red”. What a cool paint scheme! Also check out the detail on the base as well. The Strider is an awesome model in Deadzone and will be an auto-include in your Warpath force.

This month as been rammed full of awesome Deadzone hobby! If you want to get involved in the Deadzone Infestation Kickstarter then click here, or go and check out our website to see what is already available!

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