With the launch of the DreadBall just around the corner, we need your help to build a support network that’ll help us grow and support the DreadBall community. Effectively we’re looking to set up a real-world DreadBall Governing Body!

We’ve already built the DreadBall.com website and the new Forum and we want to turn this over and have it community run. We’re looking for people with fantastic organisation skills and hobbyists with technical abilities (coding, graphics etc.) who can keep the site buzzing with content whilst keeping it up to date with the latest events and offer support to gaming groups.

Mantic will of course support it with all the latest news, info and gossip (and pay the server costs too!)

Organised Play
But that’s not all – The game has been designed for league and tournament play and we need help taking it across the world. Any passionate individuals that can work with the community to set-up tournaments and events, and volunteers who can work with clubs to develop leagues and demo the game to the public.

Email chris.palmer@manticgames.com with what skills you feel you can offer and any experience you’ve had and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

So, the more players we can get, the more opponents you’ll have to play against. Don’t wait – get in the game!

We look forwards to hearing from you!

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