00:00:00 Intro & Special Guest Adam

00:03:36 Deadzone

00:39:29 Dreadball

01:29:44 Kings of War

01:57:14 Warpath

02:05:49 Dungeon Sagas

02:09:57 Mars Attacks

02:18:00 Outro & Adepticon/Mantic Party Preview




Adam the Voxman, host of Strike Zone Podcast, joins the guys as they preview all of the Adepticon 2015 events for all the major games including Clash of Kings, Adepticorp Tournament, and Deadzone tourneys and campaigns. Plus Chopper has the scoop on exactly HOW Ronnie came up with idea Dreadball plus details on the Season 4 teams (this was recorded just before the Season 4 PDF went out to backers FYI) and also a worldwide DGB ranking system in the works?  Jonny P also gives details on how his Zlurpcor Dreadball league finished up, and how his new Deadzone campaign, the Battle for Goat Sector 58, is going…hint hint, the Plague indeed are gonna plague plague plague! On the subject of Kings of War, we discuss the awesome final tally for the Mini-Kickstarter, Chopper talks how the Abyssal Dwarfs cancelled Christmas, results from the Clash of Kings Regional event, and we find out about Jonny’s not-so-secret love for Werewolves in his local Escalation league. Last call…who wants another round of Flaming Cows?

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