00:00:00 Intro to Episode 5: Slam Duh Duh Duuhh

00:02:55 Kings of War

00:29:13 Dreadball

00:59:16 Warpath

01:08:37 Deadzone

01:21:28 Dungeon Saga

01:35:41 Mars Attacks


We are back in the Mantic North America studios with Chopper, Jonny P, and special guest, US Pathfinder extraordinare, Mike “Valdric” Muller.

Mike will talk about the Kings of War Campaign he’s running for our group here in Chicago, as well as rolling out a similar version for your stores to run for your group.  Overview of new edition of rules and what to expect for the future of Kings of War including a stats tracking website is discussed.

For Dreadball, the guys talk about the new Season 5 teams, DBX ideas, new website with stat tracking, as well as why running local Dreadball tournaments will help the overall community.

Brief update on the Warpath Alpha rules out and what type of gameplay we can expect.

As for Deadzone, we touch on the v2 rules currently being worked on, discussion of our campaign we run locally, plus talk Pathfinders and Veer-myn coming out in the next edition.

After recording of this episode, we went and played thru the first couple scenarios of Dungeon Saga so you can tell we are excited to try it when we talk about the game in this episode as well!All this, plus Highlander and ALF in Episode 6 of Mantic North America, SLAM DUH DUH DUUHH!



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