00:00:00 Intro
00:02:50 Warpath
00:45:01 Kings of War
01:19:31 Dungeon Saga
01:36:16 Dreadball
01:53:45 Deadzone
02:07:51 Outro / Upcoming Events

I like the way you work it…no Yndijity, you gotta bag it up! Ronnie tells you want to expect in the upcoming Warpath kickstarter as well as explaining the two(actually 3) different books you will get for Warpath. Also, how high could this kickstarter go? Will there be a 10mm version of Warpath as well? In our Kings of War segment, we talk about how it’s slowly taking over the competitive wargaming world. Also discussed are the new Uncharted Empires armies, and King Ronnie’s nefarious plan to make them weaker than the Mantic armies… good thing he was thwarted. Dreadball coverage includes the new website, rankings system, and tournament plans. And of course Deadzone V2 is in the works, find out some secrets about the new rules.

Mantic North America Ep 6



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