With just 7 days to go until the Xtreme Kickstarter finishes, Rampage is swelling.

Totalling over $250 at Kickstarter prices and well over $350 at retail, Rampage gets you all of this:

Click to see the full image:


That’s a copy of the Boxed Game (with both teams maxed at 16), the phenomenal Xpansion Set which includes 4 sponsor miniatures, 3 giant players and a customizable pitch, one free team of 8 Mechanites, one free team of 8 Plague Mutants, one bonus Season 5 team of your choice from the four available, 11 MVPs, digital Season 4 rulebook, Ardia Shi’lek and free shipping to the UK and US.

And that’s before we even break the stretch goal for the Season 5 rulebook and move on to the Season 6 teams!

With one week to go, we need your help to break through some more stretch goals – and we really recommend Rampage as the place to go. With plenty more free rewards to go in, Rampage is set to be worth well over $300 at Kickstarter when the campaign closes.

Pledge now and help us unlock more teams!

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