A day of gaming, sneak peeks and leaks…

The last month has seen everyone at Mantic getting out and about – on both sides of the pond. We were at Adepticon and then Salute. It has been fantastic spending face-to-face time with gamers, fans and critics and we have heard some great stories and shared a few of ours. If you missed out we are having a quiet and low key Open Day here at Mantic in 2 weeks – on the 16th May. Really it will be relaxed and chilled!


We will be running participation games of Dungeon Saga and demos of the new Kings of War rules, Jake will be here talking about the new Deadzone: Infestation rules and we have some great new models and kits to unveil.

6 a

We’ll have the new Abyssals on Display at the Open day

And instead of a grab bag this time we will be going rather mad…

Your £5 ticket will not only get you entry to a whole day of fun and Mantic style mayhem, but it will also get you either:

  • £10 credit to use in the Mantic store at the Open day!


  • Any 2 Books from our softback collection – a 4 times your money offer!!!
    • This includes…
      • Mars Attacks World War (the brand new expansion that turns Mars Attacks into a wargame!)
      • DeadZone rulebook – get involved in a struggle to the death in a war torn urban battlefield, or any of the expansions too…
      • Hellfire and Stone – a campaign book for the soon to be released Kings of War game.
      • Or even a Dreadball Season book of your choice

And that’s not all! Of you order a £15 family ticket, you’ll get a whopping £30 credit! Children will get free entry, but these offers are only for the paid tickets.


Buy all the shinies!

So, it should be a fun day of gaming, sneak peeks and leaks 😉

If you want to host any Mantic game for a demo or participation please let us know and we will arrange some space for you.

Oh, and we know lots of people will be in Nottingham for the Warhammer World grand re-opening – if you are one of them then pop along for free – just show us your Warhammer World ticket for Saturday or Sunday and you can come in to the Open Day – but no freebies for you 😛 – you’ll need your own ticket if you want those!

I hope to see you in a couple of weeks.


Ronnie, Stewart and Jake ‘working hard’!

Otherwise we have been working very hard on getting everything ready for the grand shipping events unfolding in a couple of months’ time. If you want to know more, then keep an eye on here over the next few days.

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