So yesterday was a busy day cleaning up but Saturday saw the Open Day go off without a hitch!

Whilst we’ve got some great photos coming up, particularly during the epic battle between a certain Mr Cavatore and Painter’s Circle member Gaarew, as well as some new bits and bobs (more on that in a latter blog post), one thing we really wanted to mention was how much positive feedback we had and how grateful we are! Thank you to all of you who sent us such nice emails!

Pictures and rumours are now filling the tubes and Open Day-ees got the first look a number of new units and boxes coming out, including the Undead Archers and Dwarf Army Set which contains the new Dwarf Shieldbreakers! Here’s a photo Andrew Wedmore sent of five Dwarf Shieldbreaker:

Mantic Games Dwarf ShieldbreakersAll very exciting, as well as a look at the brand new Mhorgoth’s Revenge Fantasy Battleset box, which starts shipping next week!!

Rammed with Dwarfs and Undead, this set will also contain the full rules played at the Open Day with the newly modified statlines, and the first batch will contain an additional 10 Revenants, giving over 110 figures! Reserve your copy now!

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