After a short hiatus, we’re glad to announce that the Mantic Podcast is alive and well – here’s episode 8, for your listening pleasure! Kick back, get out the paints or the tools, and let our soothing tones fill you with hobby excitement!


Here’s what we’re talking about…

Intro (00:00:00 to 00:08:50)

  • Ben and James chat about what’s going on in the world of Mantic. Such as:
    • The Mantic overview – what’s been happening, and what’s coming soon!
    • DreadBall! Season 2 has shipped to Kickstarter backers, and is now shipping to everyone else
    • The Mantic Open Day – It was a huge success and we found our first ManticBowl champion in Rich Jones
    • Kings of War! We’re gearing up for a massive summer…

Deadzone (00:08:50 to 00:49:55)

  • Ben collars Ronnie and Jake to talk about Deadzone, Mantic’s latest Kickstarter success. Among the many topics they discuss are:
    • What Deadzone’s all about.
    • Another crazy Kickstarter success, even bigger than DreadBall!
    • Terrain… lovely, lovely plastic terrain.
    • What’s next for Deadzone.
    • What it means for the future of Warpath…
    • How people can get involved! (Hint: it involves going to the Kickstarter page!)

Kings Of War (00:49:55 to 1:00:00)

  • Ronnie and Ben talk about the incoming ‘Summer of Kings of War’ and what can be expected from the next few months of everyone’s favourite fast-paced fantasy battle wargame…
    • Summer of Kings of War – three months of amazing new releases!
    • Basileans, Ogres, new units for existing armies.
    • Expansion books, Kings and Legends and Basilea.
    • What to look forward to in the next podcast!

You can listen to the Podcast by clicking below, or keep it forever (or transfer it to an MP3 player!) it by right clicking the “Download” link and choosing the “Save link” option.

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