Mantic Podcast Kings of War Summer Special!

Ogre Colour Shot

  • Introduction (Ben & James)
    • Loads happening at Mantic: Deadzone, DreadBall Season 2, Kings of War, Mars Attacks!
  • State of the Mantic Nation (Ben, James & Ronnie)
    • Deadzone!
      • 1.2 million dollars!!! What that means.
      • Why Kickstarter works.
      • Where DZ is now (sculpts coming in, survey’s just gone out)
    • Mars Attacks!
      • We can’t say much…
      • We’ve been reading the comics and getting all sorts of ideas!
      • Human military vs Martian invaders. Tongue in cheek, bit silly.
    • DreadBall
      • Season 2 launched successfully, loads of people are loving the new teams.
      • DreadBall events are kicking off around the world.
      • Mantic’s DreadBall League starts in August.
    • Kings of War
      • LOADS of new stuff out! June’s releases are already arriving with people who pre-ordered them.
      • July’s bringing Ogres, Goblins and Kings and Legends – we’ll talk to Alessio about that.
    • What else is happening in Mantic?
      • Loads of new people in the team! James, Curis, Sylvain.
      • Currently looking to recruit a painter.
      • Kings of War… we’ll talk to Alessio about that!
  • Kings and Legends (Ben, James & Alessio)
    • What it’s all about
      • Living Legends – larger-than-life hero characters.
      • Expanded background and rules for heroes from the KoW book.
      • Rounds out the KoW background.
    • Ogres!
      • K&L also includes the Ogre force list.
      • They were a unit in the Kingdoms of Men, now they’re an army.
      • New units, some funded through Kickstarter, some entirely new.
    • What else Alessio is working on
      • Basileans
      • Forces of Nature
      • Forces of the Abyss
      • New magical artefacts
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