Hasslefree Lady Soldiers
Building on the success of the 3 Hasslefree Sets we’ve launched so far, Mantic has continued our work with Hasslefree to bring to you another fantastic set of metal miniatures sculpted by none other than Kev White which are very detailed and suitable for painting, collecting and RPG’s. These figures can be used successfully in various rulesets and games that are currently on the market.
Hasslefree Lady Soldiers Painted
As a special, all Mantic-Hasslefree sets contain at least one unique Mantic Hasslefree Miniature. So, what are you waiting for? Order yours now!
And remember, check out the Mantic blog for the rest of this month’s pre-orders, next week’s Khaos Dwarf week and details of the changes to the Army Deals that occur at the end January!
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