Mantic is a hobby company – we make good quality, affordable miniatures, and simple to play games. We offer incredible customizable scenery, and now we’re pleased to be working with Secret Weapon as their exclusive distributor for the Tablescapes Gaming Tiles in the UK and Europe!


What are Tablescapes Gaming Tiles?

Tablescapes Gaming Tiles are plastic terrains tiles that lock together using Secret Weapon’s innovative connector system to build a gaming table. Each tile is 1’x1’ square and there are a huge number of different designs, meaning you’ll rarely ever use the same combination twice.


We are offering two different designs initially:

Rolling Fields for fantasy battles


Urban Streets Damaged for sci-fi games.


Each pack contains 24 tiles forming a 6’x4’ gaming table, though you can build them with less if you want a smaller gaming surface.

Give your games the gaming table they deserve with a quality, detailed Tablescapes Gaming Board from Secret Weapon. Pre-order your Rolling Fields or Urban Streets Damaged Tablescape Gaming Board here. They will begin shipping in the summer alongside the launch of Kings of War Second Edition.

Distributors and retailers from UK and EU can also get in touch for the opportunity to get their hands on this excellent range of terrain designed for wargamers without having to ship it from the USA.

Please note that we can only ship this product to the UK and Europe. Orders to the rest of the world will be cancelled, sorry!

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