Well, we’re days away from Gen Con, and Pat Lewis has provided us with an epic podcast beforehand.
Later tonight he’ll be sharing his thoughts on Gen Con itself.

Here’s the summary of the podcast:

In the first ever episode of Mantic North America, Chopper (Pat) and Jonny P cover each of Mantic’s games. From Dreadball discussion on Jonny P’s league, to Chopper giving details on Deadzone Campaigns and Zombies, Kings of War, Warpath, Mars Attacks, and the latest Kickstarter of Dwarf King’s Quest!

00:00:00 Intro

00:10:24 Dreadball

00:50:56 Deadzone

01:40:15 Warpath

01:55:14 Kings of War

02:25:46 Mars Attacks

02:38:40 Dwarf King’s Quest

02:52:31 Closing

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