So, it’s coming to the end of Dwarf Week; we’ve teased you with some concept sketches, dazzled you with the artwork, but you’ve yet to see a Dwarf model. Well, lets change that…


This Dwarf three-up is the first trooper from the Ironclad Regiment, a unit of heavily armoured and heavily armed Dwarfs. Not only this, but this figure, painted by Chris Straw, sets the tone and colour scheme for our regiments and army.

Whereas the Elves are decorative and the Undead decrepid, the Dwarfs are functional, they are hard and they are very tough. Unlike the graceful Elves, expertly skilled with spear and bow, the dwarfs are not afraid of getting into a scrum with warhammer and axe, hacking and smashing their way through bone and flesh.

Dwarfs, simply, are hard, and the range is shaping up to be the most breathtaking yet, with a full plastic range, supported by some of the most detailed metal sets you’ll ever have laid eyes on.

Dwarfs are our next army release and will be available for preorder in May – don’t miss ’em.

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