We’re grinding through the gears of Pandora week as we hurtle towards the grand finale.  Earlier in the month we took a look at the Corporation, getting them out the bags and taking pics. Well, today Darrel from the Beasts of War team got his hand on the 10 Marines from the Pandora Box, and gave us his independent verdict on the new models.

And well, we know this is for the Rangers and not the Marines in the Pandora box, but it’s still too awesome not to show you, and really shows off all the details on the figures. Check out the 360 degree of the new models!

Watch out for Ronnie’s Project Pandora: Grim Cargo interview on this week’s episode of Turn 8 on Beasts of War, and Jake’s interview on our forthcoming Podcast!

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Project Pandora: Grim Cargo is released April 23rd and will be available at Salute and Adepticon. Pre-order your copy now and be in with a chance of winnning a free Veer-myn Nightspawn or Corporation Major-General. The Veer-myn Army Release follows in May.

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