The Martian Giant Robot is here! Let’s take a look at everyone’s favourite bipedal death machine!

When the Science Division was tasked with creating a large and powerful machine with which to attack the enemy on land, they took their brief rather literally. The result, though not a true ‘robot’ is nevertheless referred to as such by the Novas Vira, who fear these giant death machines more than almost any other weapon the Martians deploy.


The Martian Giant Robot is £24.99/€34.99/$39.99 and contains:

1x Martian Giant Robot
1x Heat Ray
1x Freeze Ray
1x Shrink Ray with Containment Tank
1x Miniaturised Human Soldiers
1x Massive Claw
2x Martian Pilot variants


The Martian Giant Robot is a huge imposing model on the tabletop. It can be armed with either a Heat Ray, which is great for shredding through armour, or a Freeze Ray, which counts any model hit as having activated this turn! Add that to the arm sporting a Massive Claw and you’ve got yourself one serious piece of Martian technology.


The kit also comes with the Shrink Ray and miniaturised human soldiers for use in Mars Attacks: World War. Any model, except vehicles, that meet their demise to the shrink ray are replaced with a critter counter that becomes 3 victory points for the Martians if captured.


With the defenders of Earth receiving the Tiger Corps, the Martians needed something to even this out on the tabletop. The Tiger Corps have a whole range of special abilities, one of these rules across the board is armour. With the option to load out the Martian Giant Robot with the Heat Ray, this gives you access to the armour piercing special rule. This rule allows you to completely ignore the armour special rule that the Tiger Corps have. This means that the human player must think more carefully about the positioning of his precious Tiger Corps, or suffer the wrath of a range 1-8 armour ignoring Heat Ray to the face!


The Martian Giant Robot can also take advantage of its Massive Claw to help defend from a human player using the Flatbed Truck to rush objectives. The Massive Claw has the Huge Weapon and Anti-Tank special rules. Taking advantage of these special rules is a great way to counter the Flatbed Trucks as you can block lines of movement with a Martian Giant Robot forcing the human player to find another way through to objectives or prepare to crushed like tin can.


The Martian Giant Robot and the Flat Bed Truck don’t come face to face in the Mars Attacks: Extermination expansion, but this is something worth thinking about for the release of Mars Attacks: World War! Bigger is better and war is coming. One that will engulf the entire world!

Mars Attacks: Extermination is available to pre-order now and will begin shipping in April. Head over to the website and pre-order your Martian Giant Robot today!

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