With the majority of their vehicles destroyed or rendered useless by the invaders, the armed forces of humanity went back to basics in Greenville, repurposing flatbed trucks to fight back against the Martian Menace. These trucks transported soldiers around the town, and were even sometimes armed to take the fight to the enemy.


As humanity has seen most of its vehicles and support machinery systematically destroyed as the Martians take down every scrap of humanity left fighting them, they have had to repurpose trucks to transport troops, or mount heavy weaponry to take down the Martians as they arrive.

Human trucks come as flatbed style items and can carry troops or a machine gun, depending on the needs of the situation the humans find themselves in.

The flatbed truck is a premium model, an all American transport vehicle, eponymous with hayrides and farms pre-invasion. Now it’s an element of the resistance, whether used as transport or to carry heavy weaponry.

Whether you need to use it to get your troops to where they’re going fast, or to support the war effort with its machine gun, this vehicle lives up to the role it has now been thrust into with ease and is an integral part of the fight against the invading forces.

The Flatbed Truck includes:

– Civilian Variant
– Military Variant


The Flatbed Truck is yet another all american icon that Mars Attacks embraces. Having something to combat the flying saucers is going to come in handy for humanity! The models themselves are fantastic and really nice to put together. One thing I’m looking forward too is conversion options. I’ve already had the idea of making an ice cream van and a custom scenario involving capturing said van……..

Make sure you pre-order your Flatbed Truck now over at our webstore! Humanity needs you!

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