Swooping in to exterminate the ground forces of humanity, the Attack Saucer relies on sheer speed and agility to avoid being shot down. Armed with either a Freeze Ray or Heat Ray dependent on its mission profile, the annihilator is a sight to fill the enemies of Mars with dread!

This box gives you one plastic Martian Flying Saucer, complete with a choice of weapons – a deadly Heat Ray or a terrible Freeze Ray!


The Flying Saucer is an iconic part of the Mars Attacks heritage realised in awesome detail as a new plastic kit.

The saucer is agile, fast and comes armed with one of two weapons – a heat ray or a freeze ray, depending on circumstances. It relies on fast movement and surprise to complete its attacks, dodging in and out of danger as it flies around. It is however vulnerable if hit, hence its reliance on speed and subterfuge. Use it to blast your enemies to space dust!

Made of premium plastic, it comes in several easy to assemble parts, ready to take on the resistance and give the Martians the edge they need, but don’t be fooled, they aren’t invincible.

The multipart kit includes:

– Heat Rays
– Freeze Rays
– Pilot Commander option
– Upgraded Comms option

What Martian invasion would be complete without a Flying Saucer. Having the option to mount the armour piercing heat ray or the trusty freeze ray (or both if you have fun with magnets).


Painting the Martian Flying Saucer will also be great fun! I’m going to paint your standard (if there is such a thing) Flying Saucer in the typical metallic colours we have come to expect, but I’m also looking at the idea of some sort of psychedelic paint scheme too! Something that really stands out and is in the spirit of all things wacky and wonderful that compliments the Mars Attacks universe.

Make sure you visit our website to pre-order now!!! available as a single model or in a 3 vehicle squadron!

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