Greenville was just a skirmish – now the real war for Earth begins! Take your Mars Attacks games to the next level with open scenarios, larger maps and free selection of troops for your army of choice. Will you take the defenders of humanity, massing troops and trucks led by mighty heroes? Or the numberless hordes of the Martian Empire, led by the most dastardly and deadly warlords the galaxy has ever seen? Either way, it’s time to go big or go home!


With the arrival of the Science Division and the Tiger Corps, the war for Earth has escalated – and now it’s set to engulf the entire world!

Mars Attacks: World War represents the next stage in Mars Attacks play, for those who want to experience more.

Having played through the story and grown accustomed to all of the various characters, vehicles and weird and wonderful weapons that they introduced, you can now discover what happens when the invasion moves out of Greenville and into the wider world.


This book gives you a system of rules to play out that next step. Instead of prescriptive scenarios and set force lists, these rules take you beyond this, bringing Mars Attacks closer to a tabletop wargame. Whether you have played these kinds of games before, or this is your first time, this book will ease you through the process, introducing new concepts which will expand your games to reflect the wider world of conflict that happens outside the initial skirmishes.

The first stage of the invasion is over – this is all out war. Will you take command of the vast Martian armies, hell bent on the destruction of every last human on the planet? Or will you take the role of humanity’s brave defenders: legions of marines and heroes standing firm as they fight for survival? Either way, you’ll need an army to find out!


Mars Attacks: World War and a new range of Mars Attacks Army Sets are now available to pre-order from all good hobby retailers and the Mantic Games Webstore. They will begin shipping in May!

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