July isn’t all about the big brutes the Ogres, we’re revisiting our little green Goblin friends with some new additions. You’ve already seen the heroes (just how fantastic is that Wiz?!) but we’ve also got some pretty cool new cavalry… the Fleabag Riders!


Mounted on Mawbeasts, this cavalry unit is dripping in character.

Fleabags are great – I personally took 3 units in a Kings of War Tournament a couple of years ago. With Speed 10, Nimble and Crushing Strength (1) they are a versatile attacking unit with 16 attacks. At 120 points they’re pretty good value, especially when you start combining them with Magic Artefacts such as the Brew of Haste for +1 Speed or the Mace of Crushing for increased Crushing Strength!


You can even field Fleabag Rider Sniffs with our second new cavalry kit, replacing the Spears and Shields with Bows.

Back then I proxied them in my army but with these new units I’m sorely tempted to put together my own nimble force of Mawbeasts Raiders with support from Orc Chariots – though obviously converted with Goblin Crew and Mawbeasts. This would be a pretty mobile force, adept at getting around the flanks and rears of enemy units (such as James’ big blocks of skeletons! Of course, there’s plenty of Crushing Strength about to deal with any high defense troops though I’m sure one of the upcoming Red Goblin Blasters wouldn’t go amiss either…

Check back later for more on that!

The Goblins are now available to pre-order from the Mantic Webstore and will begin shipping on the 29th July.

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