Well, it does look like we have created some chat!

For the last few weeks we have been organising and plotting – and now all the fun is coming out.

First up,  we have our new ‘Bad’ Dwarfs announcement- these are the Dwarfs who are not very nice, not very nice indeed! While these are still work in progress there has already been heated discussion about their name. We are thinking along the lines of Khaos Dwarfs, but Kaos Dwarfs has been suggested and found a few fans. Please comment below and let us know your thoughts.

The Khaos/Kaos Dwarfs will be released in February, and you’ll be able to build a pretty huge and exciting army. But what does this mean for the Orcs, I hear you shout. Well nothing really – they are currently with our tool makers and will be released as soon as they have finished with them – perhaps April? We will then have three months of Orc mayhem and madness).

Until then we have the Zombie and Ghoul metal command bits, a whole Khaos Dwarf army coming your way, more of the excellent Hasslefree miniature sets, and some new Elf models – and that is all before the Orcs.

We will also have news of Mantic Games granting their first licence, and also a story about something you can use with these new fangled phone things, paps? raps? baps? – or something like that!!… and very excited we are about these things too!

Oh, and so this post is not just a wall of text, here is another sneak peak for you:

chaos dwarf arms blunderbus

So, truly exciting times in which we live!



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