Over the past 2 weeks the actual, real, finished plastic sprues have arrived at the office.

So far we have only been able to show photos of 3 ups, and a couple of single models…

…but Mantic Games is all about battles, and big battles at that! We want them fought with huge armies on both sides; we want battles that inspire awe, amazement and perhaps even envy! We will provide quality plastics at a price that allows those dreams to become a reality.

To date, I have not been able to put up a picture that shows what I mean…but we keep getting closer. This photo still isn’t one of a huge battle, but it is the first showing of a unit of Mantic Elves…

The website will go live next week and there will be a lot more photos and information there.  If you have signed up for the newsletter we will send  you a note when it goes live. Alternatively, check it out when the clock hits zero!



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