He’s let his hair grow long and come to work in full leathers and riding a motorbike… today must be Ronnie’s Birthday, and we’re celebrating it the only way we know how – by offering mega deals!


Ronnie-Birthday-3Ronnie-Birthday-4We’re on the hunt for embarrassing photos of Ronnie – post them up to our Facebook wall!

Ronnie’s Birthday Boxes come in both Warpath and Kings of War varieties and contain an absolute mountain of miniatures!

With a Kings of War Birthday Box, you’ll get at least 30 random miniatures, warmachines and a pair of clippers worth £2.50, all at one crazy price of £19.99. The Warpath Birthday Box on the other hand throws in a pair of Clippers, 23 miniatures including a bag of Plastic Resin Stormrage Veterans (worth £9.99) and either the Jotunn Heavy Hailstorm or the Marauder Raptor – Plastic Resin vehicles worth £12.49!

These fantastic hobby boxes contain loads of new miniatures to add to your collection – whether it’s to flesh out units with new additions or to use as the ultimate source of conversion components.

These boxes will only be available to purchase today so don’t miss out!

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