Your hard work and effort so far has allowed us to do so much with DreadBall, and we’ve already started work on fulfilling our promises from the DreadBall Kickstarter!

Sculptor James has sent us a load of images of the Number 88 MVP – and we couldn’t wait to show them off!!

Don’t forget you can read up on Number 88 on the DreadBall website!

We’ve also received a couple of question about some of our extras, so we’ve rounded them up and put together this mini-FAQ:

1) Season 2 Buy One Get One Free Keepers – can I choose two of the same model or do I have to have both?

You may choose two of the same type or one of each.

2) Can you do Acrylic Strike Hexes in different colours without the team logos on?

We will open up the unbranded DreadBall Pitch Upgrade Pack to include 6 more colours – let us know in the comments which you prefer!

Alternatively you can $5 to your Acrylic Pitch and we’ll upgrade the coloured segments (Strike Zones, Sin Bins and Subs Benches) to a colour of your choice.

Let us know which extra colours you’d want for the DreadBall Pitch Upgrade in the comments.

Finally here is some amazing Fan Art that has been posted up on our Facebook page – thanks to Stephane Rabattu for submitting it!



We love this kind of stuff, thanks Stephane!

Thanks for supporting DreadBall on Kickstarter and, now than we are entering our final week, please keep helping us spread the good word!

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