Following on from yesterday’s Thinking Elves Elf Mantic Point mini, we also had the antagonist of our Mantic Journal painted up – Mhorgoth the Faceless.

What’s better is, Mhorgoth is now available as a single figure on the website!

Previously one of the limited edition 50 point Mantic Point figures, we were sure that you’d all want to get your hands on this spectacular figure once he was revealed as the main badguy of Issue 1 of the Journal, so here he is, painted by David Heathfield:

Mantic Games Mhorgoth the FacelessA new 50 point Mantic Point figure is in the works (in fact there’s 5 metal copies of it on my desk, though one appears to be on it’s way to the painters…), and Mhorgoth will become a new 25 point entry. Additionally, Mhorgoth is available in a number of ways:

– As an individual Metal piece on the website

– Totally free with the Mantic Journal subscription

In addition, there is also a code in the Journal where you can purchase him at half price if you enter it at the checkout.

So what are you waiting for, with all of those Undead and Vampire hordes out on the battlefields demanding an imposing figure like this? Maybe you can find a use for the figure in another army you collect or simply want to paint it up. Add Mhorgoth to your army now, tip your order over the 50 pound/75 euro/99 dollar  mark and you can nab yourself a free bag whilst your at it!

As always, click on the thumbnail for a closer look and let us know what you think!

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