Jeez – those Pathfinders have been busy!

The next round of Clash of Kings blogs are being posted up on the forum Blog and if you haven’t had chance to check them out yet please do. Here’s a snippet of what’s been posted so far!

Fascist Hippy

Andy says he’s impatiently waiting for the Orc Gore Chariot that we’re giving away free on our Kickstarter page so has produced this great Gore Rider tutorial.


Check out his Abyssal Dwarf Unboxings and his painted Decimators.

Pathfinder Pete McF

Pete’s Abyssal Dwarf army includes these Lesser Obsidian Golems – find out how he painted them!


New background for his Dwarf Army


As seems to be a regular occurence, with the models up close Matt now likes the Elf models. Check out his list and progress on building his Sylvan army!


With Part 1 of a tutorial on Snow bases, some bits on preparation and how the Tournament is presenting an extra challenge for this army building extravaganza!

There’s much more to come from the Pathfinders so please keep checking out the blogs they are writing. If Clash of Kings has caught your imagination, then why not pick up an army and write up a blog (or paint the army you’ve got and use this to get it done!)

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