There are a myriad of options with the modular Battlezones scenery.  We’ve seen some really neat stuff crossing our desks in the last few days, so I thought I’d share some of the amazing projects people have going, including some of our Pathfinders.  All of the pieces featured today are fan-made – and they’re incredible!

Large pieces

Matt Gilbert's table

Awesome mammoth table by one of our Pathfinders – Matt Gilbert

Showing the depth of range and how easily the Battlezones scenery blends in with other pieces, Matt designs a huge, epic gaming board with various pieces of scenery.

Our modular pieces are designed to integrate with other pieces means that you’re not starting from scratch and build more pieces to drop in and out of your model table.  Packing it away is easier too – no heavy, bulky pieces to store.  Next week, we’ll be discussing whether it’s better to design pieces glued or collapsible.  What do you think?

A #Deadzone table

From The D6 Generation (

While enjoying Deadzone (Thank you TheD6Generation!) they’ve shared some great images of the boards they’ve been using.  You can see more here.

Feature pieces

We can’t go anywhere without showing off some of the incredibly detailed fan pieces that have been popping up in our feeds over the last few days, and the wonderful pieces being showcased – what do you think of these?

Containment Protocol…Active! Via In The Deadzone

I love the rust effect on this!  And the Plague pieces are lovely!

Deathwatch Studios makes some absolutely epic pieces with lots of character and fun.  These are great ‘feature’ pieces, and though these are intricately detailed and designed with the small features in mind, you can recreate something similar yourself.  DeathWatch Studios posts their designs in progress too, so you might be able to pick up some tips and tricks – just look at the key details and replicate them.  These feature pieces would be best glued together and stored as they are.  I love them though, what do you think?

We’ll do another round-up of fan designed, fan created, fan produced pieces, because our community is only as strong as you guys, and we LOVE shining the spotlight on what you’re doing.

You can submit by contacting me via this post (and the comments), by emailing me at kai at, or by tweeting or sharing on Facebook (we have a page, just for Battlezones Terrain!). I’ll collect up the best, and on the last Friday in May, and every last Friday from there on in, I’ll share the stuff you’re sharing with me!
So go;  paint, be creative and share!

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