Brand new imagery of the DreadBall Limited Edition: Azure Forest game-set have surfaced!

Here’s a closer look at the new Azure Forest game board, designed to give you a unique playing surface for your rumble in the jungle, whilst also being highly limited in number.  We’re giving people that picked up Azure Forest in the past the chance to pick up the pitch seperately, but both the boxed set and pitch are limited in numbers, and once they’re gone….they’re gone!


Based on a pitch by FF Fields

There’s tonnes of little details on this great looking board, including the tangled thorns that denote the subs entry point and the awesome Azure Forest Tribal Head logo.

Of course, it wouldn’t be Azure Forest if A’teo Adyssi wasn’t on hand causing mischief…


ateo-colour-shot (1)


The Azure Forest Rulebook, Azure Forest Card Deck and A’teo Adyssi are all included in the Limited Edition Box-set alongside the 2 complete starter teams, and all the great gaming aids you’ve come to expect from Dreadball.

And if you’re looking for something extra special, we have a mega-bundle that offers something extra that you might also enjoy – the contents of the Azure Forest Limited edition Boxed set, PLUS Season 2 Rulebook, Dozer giant MVP and the multiplayer-madness expansion that is DreadBall Ultimate!

Don’t forget that all orders over £15, €17.50, $25   also get a free Battlezones Accessory Sprue!

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