This was emailed to me as a “Bonus Blog” to add to our Mantic Journal content – it’s written by Guy Haley and can be found on his own blog here, which is full of many interesting things about words.

Here’s a snippet:

Fortunately, this particular entry will cover both. Last week I finished work on Mantic Journal 05, launching the company’s new SF wargame, Warpath. This system follows their fantasy system Kings of War in most respects (entire units as playing pieces, emphasis on morale, timed turns and so forth), and is also written by Alessio Cavatore. It works very well, I have to say, and the ranges of miniatures they have planned are very nice (especially some of the things you haven’t seen yet – the human range is pretty damn fine).


For more, head over to Guy’s blog and don’t forget that Journal 5 is now available to pre-order and that anyone on the newsletter will get a free copy. Get signed up now!

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