Hey there Dreadball fans! A quick update that has been happening in the North American Dreadball Circuit.

June was a busy month for Dreadball.  Not only was there a regional in England for their circuit, we had two Regionals in the North.  Origenes Cup held at Origins Game Fair and Zlurpcor Intergalactic Cup held at Games Plus!

Origenes saw 6 coaches battling it out for tournament Champion. There was some question of security in the stadium when The “Unincorporated” battled the corporate Tron Tek 29ers, the poster team for the Corporation.  It was quite a surprise to see that team come in from the Inner Sphere.  Even with the premiere team in the mix, it couldn’t stop Coach J. Carter from taking home the Blaine.  Results from Origenes Cup is as follows:

[table id=1 /]

Last weekend was Zlurpcor Intergalactic’s tournament Zlurpee Bowl.  10 coaches made the trip with the fartherest coming form Canada.  Crazy!  Tournament results are as follows:

[table id=2 /]

Congratulations to the winners

Champion:      Brian Thomsen

2nd Place:       Geoff Burbidge

Fan Favorite:  Cody Ballenger

Plastic Spoon: Josh Page

Best Painted:  Geoff Burbidge

Most Kills:  Josh Page

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