by Chris Webb

In anticipation of great things for Warpath this year I kicked off a
Forge Father army. I want my units of Steel Warriors to look
uniform – so they’re all based on the helmeted plastic Warrior and
cloaked legs. The Thane is picked out with a pieces from the Dwarf
sprue – a pair of helmet wings, a trusty Cyberpug and a mug of beer.
The Mjolnir rocket launcher had its head carved away and replaced with
a plastic one as it’s important that the whole unit matches. My next
unit of Steel Warriors will all have the metal helmets from the
upgrade pack.

I chose the orange and light grey scheme to emphasise the science
fiction nature of the models. It’s very easy to make space dwarfs
look like normal dwarfs by choosing metallic colours or earthy greens
and browns. I wanted people’s first impression of the army to be
“Clone Troopers! Oh, aren’t they a little too short for a Clone
Trooper?” rather than “Rustic fantasy dwarfs, but with lasers!?”

With the infantry done I wanted an Iron Ancestor. I’ve painted two
studio copies for Mantic, and was dying to keep one. I bulked out the
base with bark and spare Mantic skulls to make the model look more
imposing. I’m working on a tin foil banner to give the model even
more height, and also let me design some iconography. I want the army
to have squad markings, campaign badges and personal heraldry in time.

What’s next for the army? First, they need a Huscarl to lead them.
I’m using a spare DreadBall Guard converted with the Huscarl
six-shooter – I did have aspirations of expanding my actual DreadBall
team with this bonus Guard model but my last league match saw five
players killed by a combination of Payback and Buzzcut. Then I’d like
a whole section of Stormrage Veterans converted with matching helmets.

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