Upgrading our existing Forum package in almost every way, the new Community hub is your place to talk about all things Mantic.

Screen shot 2012-02-17 at 15.18.52

From discussing that last game of Kings of War you played to giving the newest sculpts from Mantic the once over, the new Forum is slicker, faster and a lot more user friendly.

You can now have your own Forum name and avatar, with a simplistic and painless sign-up process where you no longer have to enter all of your address details.

Furthermore, you can now post pictures of your armies and showcase your models without having to link to external sites, and you can search through threads and posts easier than ever before.

CorporationLike the Corporation? Hankering after a copy of Project Pandora? Tell us on the forum (or drop us a comment below… or on Facebook… or Twitter. In fact, there’s loads of ways to talk to us!)

There’s also a Blog where our Pathfinders and moderators can report back on the shows they’ve been too and what miniatures they’ve recently painted.

Of course, this feature is open to you as well, meaning you can share your hobby with us in more ways than ever before.

We’ve still got some more tweaks and a couple of new features to add, but for now, check out the new Forum, get signed up and get posting!

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