Continuing the momentum that has been generated by Mhorgoth’s Revenge Fantasy Battle-set hitting the shelves, and then our fantastically great valued  Undead Army Set and Dwarf Army Set following shortly after. We have 3 brand new releases that all officially go on sale today!

The first is a Dwarf release, the fantastic new Shieldbreakers:


These are a new plastic kit designed to let you build units of Dwarfs with two handed weapons. In game terms these guys are your hammer unit to the Ironclads anvil, able to dish out a lot of damage with their Crushing Strength special rule – they also make a fine unit to paint up as well! The Shieldbreakers are be available in both a 10-Man Troop and 20-Man Regiment sets.

For Undead the Liche King is also now on sale! We know has been a long awaited release, and there are now two ways to get your hands on him.

Liche King

As a special offer, only available if you buy off our website, you can pick up the Liche King as an individual model for only £7.50/€10/$13.50. All you have to do is go here!

In addition you can also pick up the Liche King as part of a box-set, which not only includes this fantastic metal sculpt, but also includes 10 plastic Revenants. This set is only £14.95/€20/$24.99. Order yours now!

The second big Undead release is our Skeleton Archers:

Skeleton Archers

Again these figures have been eagerly anticipated, well the wait is very nearly over, you can order your own Undead Skeleton Archers here!

For only £14.95/€20/$24.99 you get the contents of a full Undead Skeleton Troop Box-set, which is enough parts to make 10 skeletons in varying poses, plus you get 10 metal coversion parts to create your archer unit.

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