When we released the Undead and Dwarf Army Sets, we were regularly asked – where is the Elf set? Furthermore, we were also asked for Bowmen without shields.

Well, we listened and both an Elf Army Set and Elf Archers will be ready to start shipping on the 14th March. These are just two new releases we have planned for the Elves over the coming months, we have something very special coming in the near future…..

If you want to know more about the Elf Army Set join us tomorrow when we will be going through in detail the contents of the box, and showing off the Limited Edition Elven Mage that you get in the set!

For today lets look at the brand new Elven Archers:

elf archerself champWe had lots of requests for Elves who were firing their bows rather than carrying shields, we make a big effort to try and listen to our customers, as we feel your feedback is always valuable.

Let us know what you think!

The Elven Archers will begin shipping on the 14th March and you can pre-order your set here!

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