DreadBall Season 4 kicks-off this month, but what will it bring to the game? Let’s dive into the new release and see what makes it so great…..

DB-season4bookArguably one of the best things about a new Season are the fresh crop of teams it brings! Having a new team on the pitch is always great fun, as you’ll be able to play the game you love using a different playstyle and tactics. Be it the well rounded tail swiping skills of the Nemion Oceanics or the abuse of the vile stench cultivated by the Rallion Roses, Season 4 brings sometime new to the table that everyone will enjoy!

The first teams out alongside the new Season are the Brokkrs and Rebs, whilst the Sphyr and Hobgoblin teams are released in February:

Rotatek Rockslides


Brokkrs play a more aggressive game than their dourer Forge Father kin, but they can still surprise an unwary opponent – especially with their unusually tough Strikers! They may look similar to the Forge Fathers, but these boys play a whole different game!

The Unincorporated


There may be a whole different bunch of species in the Rebel team, but they are all pulling in the same direction: against the GCPS! They use their newfound position within the leagues to advance their agenda and undermine the dastardly Council! Within certain reasonable limits, of course.

But the new Season isn’t limited to just new teams, Season 4 brings some of the most unique and entertaining MVP’s to the pitch in DreadBall to date!


MVP’s are a great way to bolster a weak link in your team as well as having some truly beautiful models. The likes of Schnorkel the Avenger, with his tragic past, or the pile-driving monster that is Grak, the season 4 MVP’s bring some great flavour to existing teams!

And finally, what new season would be complete without new rules?

DreadBall Season 4 brings back some favourites such as cheerleaders, including new models, while introducing new rules such as the achievement check to rile the crowd and the addition of fans!


There has also been more additions to player rules. The addition of rules like trailblazer, which can be used to push opposing players out of the way, to the stench rule, which makes players count as projecting a threat hex into every adjacent hex, not just those to their front, really add some great flavour to the new teams!

Let us know in the comments which team you will be playing next, and check back later this week as we explore the teams and the new book in detail.

The Year of DreadBall kick-offs in January with Season 4. The newest expansion for the Futuristic Sports Game is accompanied by Brokkr and Rebs Team, Neodurium Knuckle Draggers MVP All-Stars and Fans and Cheerleader set, which are now available to pre-order and will start shipping at the end of January.

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