With Deadzone entering its last week on Kickstarter and the hard plastic Plague Zombies now fully funded, we’ve put together an alpha version of the Plague army list for you to try out:

Download the Plague Army Lists (PDF)

Many of these units are available from the Deadzone Kickstarter at special prices, including the Plague Zombie Sprue – here’s a work in progress concept sketch to show how the models might be broken down.

Plague_Zombies_split_sNote that all pieces are designed to be interchangeable.

The 1st Gen Plague will also be in the Army List, as will the 2nd Gens, 3rd Gens and Plague Hounds!

1st gen

All of the miniatures on the Deadzone Kickstarter are fully compatible with our Warpath range.

Please support Deadzone on Kickstarter!

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