“Come to Greenville”, they say, “the nicest place in the South!”

As far as Troy’s concerned, they can go to hell. Greenville blows. He never wanted to leave Miami, but apparently his mom’s job needed her to move out to the middle of nowhere. He didn’t even get why he needed to go with her – after all, he’s sixteen, and he can take care of himself – but no, he had to transfer to this crud-hole. It’s not like she’s ever home, either. Not that he cares. 

He’s always getting in trouble just for trying to be himself, like last week when a cop pulled him up for spray painting the side wall of a convenience store. He knew she was just picking on him because he was an out-of-towner – back in the city, kids were always tagging walls, and the cops didn’t give a damn. He was trying to argue his point when there was a crazy, loud noise and the storekeeper went from scowling at him, to bursting apart into dust and smoke. Not cool. Officer Nutjob was about to check it out when a building across the street exploded. Everything went to hell! He might have been terrified for his life, but as far as Troy was concerned, this was the best thing to happen to Greenville in years.

Now he’s taking the opportunity to raise a little hell on his own terms. 


The clock is ticking – it’s just over a week until the Mars Attacks Kickstarter goes live! Troy’s another character we’d love to add to the game if we beat our funding goal. With the amount of excitement that’s already building up, it looks like it’s going to be a hell of a ride! Make sure you go to and register your interest – if you do that, you’ll get an email the moment the campaign starts, so you can get in early and pick up one of our Early Bird pledge levels. These will let you pick up the most popular reward packages at an even more discounted price – but trust us, they’ll be gone in no time!

In the meantime… check out the Martian Squad! These will be produced as single-piece coloured plastic figures – you’ll be able to take them straight out of the box and start playing! The only part that’s separate is the transparent helmet, which you can either stick on straight away (PVA glue, or “white glue”, will be ideal for this) or add later if you want to paint your miniatures!

Martian Squad


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