As you may or may not have seen, the hordes have been awoken…

Kings of War: Orcs

Orcs live for war in a quite literal sense, having been bred for that very purpose by the machinations of an evil god. Over the centuries, they have developed neither culture nor civilisation, busy as they are locked in eternal battle with anything in reach, including each other.


Kings of War: Ogres

Ogres are mercenaries, happy to sell their skills to the highest bidder. Huge, powerful creatures that might almost have been purpose bred for war, few races can match them for sheer belligerent power and endurance, and many a war has been won by the side that hired the most.


Both the Orcs and Ogres are accompanied with new army and mega army sets for building or adding to your collection, plus new units that include the Orc War Drum, Ogre Berserker Braves, Ogre Warlock and Orc Skulks.

They are all now available for pre-order from your friendly local gaming store and the Mantic website.

Mantica Lives!

We will return to the world of Mantica a further three times before the year is out, with Dungeon Saga hitting retailer shelves in October, followed by the Kings of War: Uncharted Realms book and new reinforcements in November. We’ll then by teeing up next year’s Kings of War campaign with the Return of Valandor expansion for Dungeon Saga before Christmas.

Stay tuned fantasy fans!

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