We’ve got some great news for fans of our new Ogre range today – the Force List for the Ogre army will be available as a free download in the Gaming section of the Mantic website on Monday!

I’m sure you’re wondering what’s in the list, so let’s check it out!

Well, Ogres, mostly. Duh.

Not a talking flying donkey, unfortunately.

For starters, you’ve got your Ogre units. Warriors and Shooters will make up the bulk of most armies, and you can take them as individuals, Troops of 3 or Regiments of 6. They’ve all got the Raaargh! special rule (it applies to all Ogre units taken from the list) which means enemy musicians have no effect on them, because they’re so loud! Of course, as long as you’re not taking individual Ogres they count as solid units, meaning you can take as many of them as you like – and, more importantly, use them as allies in other armies!

That’s not all, though. You also get access to the Red Goblins! These diminutive sneaks stick around with the Ogres for protection, reflected glory and the chance to loot the corpses after a fight; in return, they perform menial tasks at the camp and give ranged support on the battlefield. From a narrative perspective, they distinguish themselves from other Goblins by wearing red rags to make sure their larger comrades know they’re on their side. They’re a little different in game, too  – for a start, they’re not Utterly Spineless! (Apparently, hanging around with the big guys seems to give them a misguided sense of bravery…)

Red Goblin Blaster

As a mark of this uncharacteristic disregard for their own safety, Red Goblins often march to war with at least one Blaster. It’s a simple concept – a wagon filled with explosives, pushed towards the enemy and set off by whichever Goblin was unlucky enough to draw the short straw. The fuses can be a bit temperamental, leaving the operator either in pieces or facing some rather unimpressed enemy warriors all by himself…

There’s plenty more in the list, so make sure you download it on Monday and check it out! Also, if you want to get your hands on a full Ogre army, you could do a lot worse than checking out Grokagamok’s Granite Fists Company, over 1700 points of pure carnage with a free copy of the Kings and Legends supplement thrown in. Let us know your thoughts on this deal, and the ogre army, in the comments section below!

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